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The English to Canada Series of books. Published by the Dundurn Group of Toronto



1. Planters, Paupers and Pioneers - English Settlers in Atlantic Canada

This book, traces the English to their settlement locations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and explains the factors which brought them to Atlantic Canada. It reveals where in England they came from, where they settled in Atlantic Canada and how they coped with the rigours of pioneer life.

Relying on documentary sources in English county record offices and in the Canadian national and provincial archives, the book provides a wealth of detail on English immigrants and their settlements. Details of more than 700 crossings from England to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are provided making this book essential reading for those wishing to trace family links or deepen their understanding of the emigration story.



2. Seeking a Better Future, The English Pioneers of Ontario and Quebec

This book describes the great exodus from England, which gathered pace during the 19th century, reaching phenomenal levels by the early 20th century. It explains the factors that caused people to leave England and choose their various locations in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Some of the English were very poor and needed financial help from their parishes and landlords. However, most emigration from England was self-financed. It was pursued by people who, while expecting to improve their economic prospects were also critical of the areas in which they first settled.

Using a wide range of documentary sources, obtained from both English and Canadian archives, the book relies on a wealth of previously unpublished material. It contains details of over two thousand ship crossings from England to the port of Quebec.



3. Ignored but not Forgotten: Canada's English Immigrants

The final book in the English in Canada  series describes the great exodus from England to Canada, which peaked during the early 20th century. Drawing on wide-ranging documentary and statistical sources it traces this major population movement on a province by province basis. Remarkably, this book is the first comprehensive account of English emigration to Canada ever to be written.

Beginning in the seventeenth century with the influx of English people to Atlantic Canada, the influx develops a century later to Ontario and Quebec, and continues into the late nineteenth century with the arrival of the English in the golden west. The great stream of English people who came to the prairies and British Columbia in search of land and job opportunities represents one of the most striking periods of Canada’s pioneering history.

Having dealt with each province, the book goes on to consider why the English settled where they did, what impression they made on local society and why the explosive rise in their numbers occurred during the early twentieth century. The plight of the destitute “home children” who arrived from English cities is described in detail. The changing pattern of travel as a result of the arrival of steamships and railways is also given consideration.

Writing in the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog, John D Reid, Family History Consultant stated that Ignored but not Forgotten "can be recommended to anyone seeking an overview of English migration to Canada and a guide of the many sources for in-depth research". For the full review click here.

How to obtain Lucille's Books

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